One Man's Journey

Being Accountable

One of the things that I plan to do this year with my blog is use it to chronicle my progress towards my goals as well as to hold myself accountable for the poor choices that I make.  I have had some time over the last few weeks to better clarify my goals for 2016.  Continue Reading

Goals for the New Year

One of the biggest things that I learned last year is the power of sharing your goals with other people.  There were a couple of things that I set out to accomplish in 2015 and I was much more successful reaching my goals one the ones that I shared with other people.  This year, I Continue Reading

Lots of Change

For the last few months things have been in serious flux.  November saw a pretty big change in my home life as my 4 and 5 year old grand children came to live with us while their parents try to get their lives in order.  It is a pretty serious change for us as our Continue Reading

New Strategies

For the last two years, working at Dun & Bradstreet has been a bit of a challenge.  In May of 2013 our then CEO Sara Matthews announced that she would be retiring as CEO and that the search would begin for her replacement. From an IT and strategic standpoint, that pretty much stopped everything that Continue Reading

Configuration Management Tools

The time has come for us to re-evaluate our configuration management tools.  For the last 5 years we have been a CFEngine shop, and while we have looked at some of the tools that are available over the last few years, we have consistently come back to CFEngine.  The recent acquisition of companies by the Continue Reading

Thinking Out Loud

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my blogging (or lack there of) and trying to figure out what exactly it is that is keeping me from getting beyond one or two posts a month.  After some thoughtful consideration, It comes down to a singular problem that manifests in two unique ways. The singular problem Continue Reading

The Lifebuilder’s Creed

I recently came across The Lifebuilder’s Creed by Dale Witherington while watching a the introduction to John Maxwell’s Today Matters leadership training course, and it really touched my soul and I wanted to share.   The Lifebuilder’s Creed Today is the most important day of my life. Yesterday with its successes and victories, struggles and Continue Reading

It Could Have Been Worse

Things have been pretty trying for me the last two weeks.  Last Monday, just before leaving for work, my outside electrical panel had and issue and caused a fire in the panel as well as in my kitchen behind my stove.  The damage was relatively minor, thanks to the the fact that when it happened Continue Reading

Winning by Losing

Since the tail end of my military career, my weight has been a problem.  When I left the Army in 2000 I weighed in at right about 205, which is just about the limit for a 6’ soldier.  Of course, things have only went down hill from their.  Bad eating habits that I developed as Continue Reading